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How big is the safety recall problem?  More than 100,000,000 vehicles were affected by safety recalls in 2014 and 2015!

Government / Corporate & Non-Profit Fleets / N.E.M.T / Taxicab / Limo and Rideshare Companies:


Are you worried about safety recalls affecting your customers and drivers? 

Do you have the most accurate and timely recall status on every vehicle in your fleet – every day?    

Increase driver safety, reduce safety recall liability and save time & effort every day – with Dynamic Recall Management service from AutoAp. 


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With Dynamic Recall Management you can:

  •      Easily know the most accurate, daily recall status of all fleet VINs.
  •      Reduce the expense of manually checking VINs  – every day.
  •      Reduce the costs associated with accidents attributed to safety recalls.
  •      Access the most accurate recall data available in the Industry today! 
  •      Know when recalls match your vehicles before you get the OEM notification.


AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service:

  •      Includes passenger vehicles and light duty trucks.*
  •      Requires minimal fleet vehicle information.
  •      Cleanses multi-source data and accounts for timing issues affecting recall status.


Read about how you can get on top of the safety recall issue in Government Fleet Magazine! 

Govt Fleet Magazine

Government Fleet Magazine Issue Featuring Recalls – Managing Safety Risks & Downtime

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 If you checked every vehicle online, every day, you could spend all day entering VINs and Captcha codes, and you still might not get an accurate safety recall status!

That’s because of errors in the NHTSA recall database and timing issues associated with the publishing of recall data by the OEMs to their VIN check sites and their dealer communication systems, and because NHTSA’s isn’t in synch with when the OEMs release their safety recall information.

NHTSA and OEM recall data and timing errors will frustrate even the most dedicated fleet manager.


Get and stay on top of the safety recall status on your vehicle fleet  – every day with Dynamic Recall Management  from AutoAp, Inc., leading the automotive industry with innovative safety recall management solutions. 

                                     AutoAp-Shield  Every VIN  |  Every Day!


“When I found out the large amounts of monotonous time it would save me, I was hooked. No employee really wants to spend hours punching in VIN’s. From an employer’s standpoint, it opens up much more time for their employees to focus on other important tasks; it’s a win for the employee and employer. The solution is so user-friendly and simple to navigate. I quite frankly couldn’t image using anything else.” Alexandra H. – Dynamic Recall Management User

AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management delivers the most accurate and timely recall status on all VINs – Every Day!

* Certain terms and limitations apply. Please see AutoAp’s Terms & Policies for details.


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Get the most accurate and timely safety recall status with DRM service from AutoAp.

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