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Dealers put themselves at serious risk of liability when they sell vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls.

Safety recalls can be issued at any time! To stay on top of recalls, dealers should monitor their inventory–every day–from listing to sale.


“If you are trying to get a handle the safety recall issues facing your dealership, I’d like to share our experience using AutoAp’s Safety Recall Management service.  AutoAp has delivered on their promise to provide accurate, daily recall status reporting on our new and used; in-brand and off-brand Inventory. Their Dynamic Recall Management service takes our daily inventory file and corrals all of the data error and timing issues and gives us the correct daily recall status on inventory, 7 days a week. If you are committed to reducing safety recall liability at your dealership like we are, then AutoAp is the most cost-effective way to accomplish that.  AutoAp is one of the best partner decisions we’ve made.”             Mike Baker,  Digital Media Manager, Antioch Auto Group

I sleep better now that I have the Dynamic Recall Management service, checking all my inventory for recalls every night. I receive a status report each morning; early warning when NHTSA issues a new recall that my manufacturer hasn’t even told me about, and automated alerts when new recalls affect any vehicles on my lot that were verified safety recall-free just yesterday! AutoAp, Inc. has introduced a very effective tool with several technologies not currently found in the automotive marketplace.”  Brad Preble – President, Carr Auto Group, Beaverton, OR.

 “Safety recalls are now part of every dealer’s life.  AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service helps make  the entire safety recall verification process simple. With AutoAp:

  • Our liability is reduced and our customers are safer.
  • Service bay scheduling is more efficient, generating additional warranty revenue.
  • Their daily status email helps us stay on top of recalls. It saves us hours of tedious work each day.
  • Their consumer reporting is very helpful for notifying customers who purchase a vehicle.

The folks at AutoAp, Inc. are easy to work with. It is clear they want us to succeed by helping us stay on top of the safety recall situation. Any dealer who is concerned about cost-effectively lowering their liability should seriously consider AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service.  You’ll be glad you did.”  Brad Sowers – Principal, Jim Butler Auto Group, St. Louis, MO  

“AutoAp’s DRM Service is going to revolutionize the process of dynamically checking for open recalls. In fact, any dealership executive who learns about this may find themselves in a tough spot: I can almost hear the judge saying: ‘You either knew or should have known’… about a way to address this growing problem.”  Dealership Principal – Successfully built and sold his dealerships.

Is Your Dealership At Risk?

You may be incurring significant liability by selling vehicles with open recalls.

Dealers put themselves at significant risk of liability when accidents can be associated with open safety recalls on vehicles they have sold. Because safety recalls can be issued at any time, dealers must constantly monitor and manage the safety recall status on their inventory from the time they list a vehicle to the time it sells.

With inventory composed of multiple off-brand, vehicle years, makes and models, this recall problem can be compounded such that it becomes extremely difficult for a dealership to stay on top of the current recall status for all of their inventory.

Safety Recalls: A complete morass of errors, delays, miscommunication and more.

No wonder vehicle retailers are having difficulty dealing with this problem: The safety recall ‘ecosystem’ is complex, nuanced and riddled with inconsistencies.

For instance, there are reported to be numerous and significant errors in the N.H.T.S.A. recall data stemming from unique recall IDs tied to incorrect manufacturers, models and years, affecting millions of vehicles. (NHTSA data errors and how we fix them is explained here).

Current Options Are Static and Manual. consumer website can be accessed to check for recalls on your used inventory, but entering all of your used inventory, VIN by VIN, each and every day, would involve an exhausting investment of time.

And if you think you’re covered by vehicle history reports, you may not be. These provide a one-time static recall status snapshot. To be certain, you’d have to get a new report on all vehicles every day, and even then, you won’t know about recalls issued by NHTSA that aren’t available through your OEM web application or their public websites.

Why does Data Quality & Timeliness Matter?

A comprehensive analysis of the NHTSA safety recall database yielded a 30% error rate. Additionally, numerous OEM safety recall data errors have been discovered, and in one example, the OEM public-facing VIN-check site, dealer communications system and service bulletin data – all differed.When it comes to your liability and your customers’ safety, it is insufficient to rely on NHTSA data and OEM bulletins.

Dramatically Reduce Your Recall Risk and Liability!

What if there was a dynamic, daily and accurate recall management service available to dealerships that would analyze and reconcile the recall status of your entire inventory overnight, and deliver an updated status report before your dealership opened for business each day? There is. And performance proves it…

Recall Statistics: Before and After using the DRM service

BEFORE: Average safety recall rates of dealerships when first starting the DRM service:
=> New vehicles (Franchised Dealers): 5.6%
=> Used vehicles (Franchised Dealers): 12.4%
=> Independents (all used): 13.3%

AFTER: Dealers have seen the following reductions in on-lot open-recall vehicles with our DRM service:
=> New vehicle rate: 100% reduction (No vehicles on-lot with open safety recalls)
=> Used vehicle rate: 85% reduction
=> Total vehicle rate: 90% reduction

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