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fleet2Are You In Compliance With The Safe Rental Car Act?

The Rachael & Jacqueline Houck Federal Safe Rental Car Act went into effect June 1st., 2016. 

If You Have More Than 35 Vehicles In Your Fleet:   

  • You now have 24 hrs. to ground vehicles in your possession after safety recall notification.
  • You may not rent, lease or sell affected vehicles in your possession at the time of notice until the defect has been remedied.
  • You are at risk for up to $5,000 civil fine per violation!

Confused About Safety Recalls?

Make the complex world of safety recalls simple, with:

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•  Know Where You Stand Every Day!  No more guessing, no more manual VIN entry, no more sorting through recall notices for vehicles that aren’t in your fleet. Just efficient, accurate safety recall status every day!

•  Know That Your Fleet Is Being Checked With The Most Accurate Safety Recall Status Data Available! No more head-scratching confusion when trying to make sense of NHTSA, and OEM recall errors and publication timing issues.

•  Reduce Fleet Downtime With The Most Timely Recall Status Verification Available! Knowing which vehicles have open recalls at the earliest possible time allows you to get to the front of the line for repairs, reducing your potential wait for parts.


Dynamic Recall Management Delivers!

red check markAccurate safety recall status delivered 7 days / week. Know the recall status on your fleet up to 2 months before official notification from the manufacturer.

red check markPowerful,  easy-to-use Dashboard  helps manage affected vehicles through the recall repair process.

red check markEfficient checking of vehicles that are actually in your fleet – not vehicles that the manufacturers think are in your fleet!

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Confused About Safety Recalls? We Can Help!

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