Brad Preble, President, Carr Auto Group, Beaverton, OR


“AutoAp identified $73,000 worth of net-new safety recall warranty work on prior customers’ vehicles. This alone has paid for the AutoAp service multiple times.”


“I don’t know why any dealership principal wouldn’t reduce their risks and increase revenue with AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service.”

Mike Baker, Digital Media Director, Antioch Auto Center, Antioch, CA


“If you are committed to reducing safety recall liability at your dealership like we are, then AutoAp is the most cost-effective way to accomplish that.”


“I manage safety recalls on more than 2,000 vehicles across 6 stores in 10-15 minutes per day with AutoAp’s Dynamic Recall Management service.”

Chris Cleveland, Compliance Administrator Galpin Motors, LA, CA


“It automates what would otherwise be a tedious and time consuming process of manually checking VINs for open safety recalls.”


"It is the only practical way to effectively manage the various risks and liabilities associated with selling vehicles with open safety recalls.”

Brad Sowers, Principal, Jim Butler Auto Group, St. Louis, MO


When asked “How much time would it take me to obtain the safety recall status on all your vehicles without this service?” Brad replied: “It would be disastrous!”


“Any dealer who is concerned about cost-effectively lowering liability should seriously consider signing up for Dynamic Recall Management service from AutoAp.”

Desiray Douglas, Business Manager, Valley Auto Wholesale, Redding CA


“I like that I can see all of our inventory in one place and know which vehicles have open recalls and which vehicles have recalls coming soon. In the past we had to manually enter each VIN number online weekly to search for open recalls.”


“This service makes it so much easier and saves time.”

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