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The Broken Recall Ecosystem and What You Can do About it.

May, 5 2022

State of the Retail Industry: Rapid Recon Founder and CEO Dennis McGinn Interviews AutoAp CEO Mark Paul about How Dealers are Impacted by Safety Recalls and What to Do About It

Rapid Recon's “Your Place” videocast highlights the industry's broken vehicle recall system and how automation can help dealerships thrive.

Paul shares information from AutoAp's just-published report, Safety Recalls: State of the Retail Industry. He quantifies the errors and delays in the safety recall information and how dealers are often buying and selling vehicles with open safety recalls - through no fault of their own. Most dealers think they are covered with manual processes, but that is time-consuming, error prone and misses recalls.

Dealers' increase profits, reduce liability, and generate additional warranty reimbursement through AutoAp's automation solutions which solve these problems - and more. Anyone who manages vehicle inventories or fleets can sleep better at night because this area of the business is covered - saving and making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

View the full episode here to learn more from these industry experts.

Apr, 29 2022

Vehicle Complexity Will Increase Safety Recalls:

Are you ready?

Simple steps to increase profits, decrease liability and protect customers.

Jan, 5 2021

Are You Stuck in a Recall Jungle?

In the safety recall ecosystem, errors and delays make identifying recalls difficult even for the most diligent #cardealers. AutoAp's automated solutions take the guesswork out of your recall tracking efforts. Learn more – and learn how to get a free safety recall performance assessment in our latest video at AutoSuccess Online

Dec, 15 2021

What Happens When the Chip Shortage Turns Chronic?

Lack of inventory due to the global chip shortage is creating high margins for car dealers on a per sale basis, as demand for vehicles is still high.

But, what happens if the chip shortage persists and dealers run low on high-income customers willing to pay a premium? With no end in sight for the chip shortage, dealers could see their profit margins and revenue erode as the number of consumers willing to pay a premium declines.

What can dealers do today to help create additional revenue streams in the future? Safety recall warranty reimbursement is one solution. AutoAp CEO Mark Paul lays out the case for a proactive warranty reimbursement strategy with four things dealers can do today to get started.

Learn these steps and how one AutoAp client added $800,000 in revenue through just one proactive campaign... on the latest version of the AutoSuccess podcast