About AutoAp

We'd love to tell you all about ourselves, leadership, employees, vendors, etc. But we all work for the common goal of serving our clients: helping them increase profitability, decrease liability, reduce costs and save time – by providing the best safety recall solutions available.

We do that with innovative technology, built by the most innovative employees.


We serve business clients who own or are responsible for passenger vehicles and light-to-mid-duty trucks. Companies trying to decrease their liability and reduce risks for their customers (dealers), drivers (rental/fleet) and clients (integration partners).

Increase profits and revenue and decrease recall liability, while saving time and money.

We support Franchised and Independent Dealers. Even though Franchised Dealers have their manufacturers' (OEMs') Dealer Communication Systems (DCSs), they trust AutoAp nearly two-to-one over their OEM DCS to provide accurate and timely safety recall alerting. This is due to our multi-sourced, automated technologies, that are easy to use yet very powerful in providing the highest-quality (comprehensive, accurate and timely) safety recall information available. This saves dealers time and money, helps Franchised Dealers increase profitability and revenue, and dramatically reduces their liability and customers' risk. This is because AutoAp finds and reports recalls they used to miss.

"The software literally pays for itself ten times over, every month."

Brad Preble, CARR Auto Group
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Our comprehensive SaaS solutions also help dealers obtain on-demand business intelligence that not only provide insights into the financial and liability impacts of safety recalls, but also custom recommendations, based on their current implementation of best-practices – or lack thereof. Franchised Dealers can also obtain the Safety Recall Liability℠ Score. These enable clients to adjust behavior for best results.

Due to safety recall data errors and publication delays in all other sources (NHTSA, SaferCar, Check to Protect, Vehicle History Reports, and even OEMs), dealers are buying and selling vehicles with open safety recalls and don't know it!

Because dealers churn through inventory daily, our services have to provide the most-accurate and timely recall information: Our technology was built with the most-stringent requirements. This means that Rental Car, Fleet Management and Integration Companies also benefit as a result.

Reduce your recall liability and overhead. Get efficient and affordable FAST Act compliance with accurate daily rental review.

The 2016 FAST Act requires anyone who rents vehicles (including dealerships) to comply with the law. Vehicles cannot be rented with an open safety recall. The vehicle must be returned and a different (safe) vehicle provided.

Fines are stiff and risks are high: Any rental car company that relies on receiving announcements from OEMs' through the mail knows that they receive a vast majority of notices for vehicles they've already de-fleeted. And, they are an average of two months late! How many vehicles do you rent over two months? With safety recalls being issued nearly every day, do you think it is worth checking your fleet manually, using flawed and old data?

Increase driver safety and lower risks and costs associated with managing safety recalls. Get Recall Peace of Mind!

Similar to rental companies, fleet managers typically rely on two-month old notifications, often regarding de-fleeted vehicles. How many miles are driven in fleet vehicles, over a two month period?

"We investigated different solutions before finally choosing AutoAp, Inc., who rose to the top of our list. The biggest endorsement is their business model: Their primary customer base is new car dealers, who are legally obligated not to sell a new car with an open recall. The fact that a Nissan dealer, for example, would pay AutoAp for their services over getting their recall data for free from Nissan Motor Company points to the efficacy and reliability of their data and processes."

John Ciarlone, LeasePlan US

Additionally, it is next to impossible to reliably and accurately know the Do Not Drive status of each recall on each vehicle. If you are relying on manual processes, or a single source for recall information, then your drivers are at risk, and your company has very high liability. "You knew or should have known." are not words you want to hear.

It is common knowledge that NHTSA and SaferCar (and all other single sources) have data errors and publication timing delays. Are you willing to bet your company on these sources? If you are managing recalls manually, you could save time and money, improve accuracy and have a much safer fleet, with AutoAp.

Why would one of the best-run and well-known fleet lease companies (LeasePlan US) use AutoAp?

Add accurate and timely recall alerting to your client solutions, from the technology leaders in safety recall management.

We help companies who sell to auto retailers, rental car companies and fleet managers with their safety recall information management. Set up is simple and having AutoAp as your safety recall partner differentiates you from your competitors. You will likely even sell more of your services, due to providing our recall alerting.

You don't need to be the safety recall experts: We are. By partnering with us, you are assured of the industry's most comprehensive, accurate and timely safety recall alerting.

Why would the industry's leading reconditioning software company (Rapid Recon) use AutoAp?

Services & Products

Recall Status Now! (RSN!℠)*

When acquiring vehicles: For franchised and independent dealers looking to avoid costs and/or generate warranty reimbursement associated safety recalls, clients use our mobile app and web-based applications. This on-demand solution helps you know the safety recall status before you buy – and provides you a multi-sourced solution so that you don't miss a thing!

Dynamic Recall Management (DRM℠)*

For vehicles in your inventory / fleet: Obtain the industry's most comprehensive, accurate and timely safety recall information, to improve revenue and profits, and decrease liability, while saving time and money doing so.

"I manage safety recalls at 6 stores in 10-15 minutes per day."

Mike Baker, Antioch Auto Center
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DRM makes the complex simple: Our comprehensive recall solution enables you to do what you do best: Sell and service vehicles.

Value Clients Receive

Value that clients receive from AutoAp, Inc.'s DRM℠:

  •  Generate Additional Revenue / Increase Profits
  •  Reduce Safety Recall Liability
  •  Improve Reporting and Disclosure
  •  Rental / Loaner FAST Act Compliance
  •  Save Time and Money: Automated / Easy to Use
  •  Most Accurate and Timely Recall Information

DRM℠ Service Description

There are too many features to describe, but some of them include:

  •  Per Location Reporting |  Full recall management |  Consumer Disclosures
  •  Recall BI capability |  Off-site Consumer Disclosures |  Post-Sale Recall Auditing
  •  Four Daily Reporting Options |  Early Warning Alerts |  Sold Vehicle Recall Alert
  •  In-brand Campaign Forcing |  Stop Sale & Filtering |  Parts/Remedy Control
  •  FMVSS Recall Filtering |  At-Sale OEM Lookup |  Dual-Mode recall access
  •  Wholesale Indicator |  Multi-View Recall Dashboard |  Per-State Report Customization
  •  In-Brand Post-Sale ID |  Force-open Vehicles |  Daily Group Recall Reporting
  •  And much more!

Quick Recall Management (QRM℠)

For single-point franchised dealers looking for a simple, low-cost recall alerting service. This does not provide a comprehensive solution, it does provide simple reporting on a daily basis. It is simple to sign up and get going – with the best recall alerting provider in the industry.

Safety Recall Insights (SRI℠)

For franchised dealers using AutoAp's DRM service:

"Everybody knows, every morning what the recalls status is on every car."

Randy Nidalmia, Southern Oregon Subaru
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Business Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Value that Dealers receive from AutoAp, Inc.'s Safety Recall Insights℠:

  •  Increase profitability and reduce safety recall liability, by obtaining...
  •  Specific, actionable recommendations
  •  Identify Your Safety Recall Liability Score (SRL Score℠, using an AutoAp-proprietary algorithm)
  •  Compare Your SRL Score℠ with the...
    •  Industry average
    •  Other dealers in your state
    •  Other dealers with your brands
  •  Access warranty reimbursement value (per store/over time)
  •  Measure the actual costs and lost revenue due to open recalls, and
  •  Learn what the no-remedy and off-brand holding costs are

SRI℠ Service Description

Safety Recall Insights℠ Service Includes:

  •  Specific, On-Demand and Printable "Actions to Take" to minimize Your Liability
  •  Easy-to-Access and View Business Intelligence Dashboard
  •  Weekly Summary of Key Performance Indicators and Recommendations
  •  Ability to customize inputs to match your dealership's performance (per store)
Note: Safety Recall Insights℠ Service is currently for direct franchised dealer clients, only and requires AutoAp's DRM℠ Service.

Customer Recall Revenue (CRR℠)*

Franchised Dealers can identify which of their customers' vehicles have open safety recalls so they can get them repaired through AutoAp's CRR℠ service. With an industry average of $343 per open safety recall, plus additional $200 - $250 customer-pay revenue, the potential ROI on automatically identifying these recalls is tremendous.

Increase Profits Right Away!

Value that Franchised Dealers receive from AutoAp, Inc.'s CRR℠ services:

  •  Additional Warranty Reimbursement Revenue
  •  Increase in Customer Pay and potential for upsell
  •  Improve CSI scores
  •  Bring back lost Customers
  •  Reduce your Safety Recall Liability
  •  Decrease Customers' Risk
  •  Save Time and Money: Automated / Easy to Use
  •  Most Accurate and Timely Recall Information

CRR℠ Service Description

Customer Recall Service Includes:

  •  Profit ROI Calculator: to enable you to assess probable return on investment
  •  CSV file identifying Customers' Vehicles with open Safety recalls (Batch: One-time)
  •  Weekly Safety Recall reports: Email with attached CSV file (Active CRR℠ ("aCRR"): Recurring service)

Part exposé on the broken safety recall ecosystem and part manual (what to do about it to protect yourself, customers and drivers), this book provides a handy and easy-to-read guide for anyone who is responsible for compliance, liability reduction and saving time and money.

Anyone trying to achieve organizational best-practices would do well to obtain a copy, implement its recommendations and reap the benefits.

Safety Recall Performance Assessment

Auto retailers are often unaware of the errors and timing delays that exist in the safety recall information from SaferCar, NHTSA, VHRs, VRSS and even the OEMs. Therefore, they have significantly higher liability and are leaving warranty reimbursement money on the table.

As a result, dealers are either buying or selling vehicles with open safety recalls and don't know it, or they are checking multiple sources on every vehicle every day to catch safety recalls, which is cost-prohibitive.

AutoAp, Inc.'s Safety Recall Performance Assessment was created to provide dealers an objective assessment of their operations - and what they can do to significantly decrease dealer liability, customer risk, while increasing profitability.

Safety Recall Liability Score (SRL℠ Score)

AutoAp's proprietary SRL℠ Score provides franchised dealers a quick and easy KPI to see how their dealership is doing. It is integrated into the Safety Recall Insights (SRI) (business intelligence) service so that you can know if action is needed. On a scale of 0 (Best in Class) to 100 (Extremely high risk), most dealer clients using the SRI glance at their mobile version or the on-demand SRL Score so they have a handle on how their organization is doing.

Note: Safety Recall Liability℠ Score is for franchised dealer clients.

* Asterisked services can also be provided through integration. Contact us for details.